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[Urate] Gout

Patient Positioning

Patient seated on a revolving stool. Position one: The palmar side of the hand on the superior aspect of the iliac wing, elbow posterior. Position two: The dorsum of the hand over the opposite back pocket, which leads to an internal rotation. The supraspinatus is directed more anteriorly.

Probe Positioning

The intraarticular portion of the long head of biceps is found easily medial - rotate the probe to get its long axis. The long head of biceps and the supraspinatus tendon run in parallel. Then shift the transducer a little cranially and posteriorly over the supraspinatus tendon - this is the long axis view of the tendon. Rotate the probe 90 degrees to get its short axis view.

Shoulder anterior view
Shoulder pathology gout
Shoulder pathology gout

Urate crystals are deposited predominantly in the superficial portions of the articular cartilage.