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Fossa olecrani / triceps – longitudinal

Patient Positioning

Patient seated, the elbow flexed (90°) either with resting forarm on a examination table and "overhanging" elbow or resting palm on a table (extension of the wrist).

Probe Positioning

Place the transducer on a sagittal plane over the olecranon and distal course of triceps tendon.

Elbow fossa olecrani triceps longitudinal

posterior olecranon recess

Note: Look for enthesitis at the insertion of the triceps tendon (most distal portion). Look for effusion during dynamic scannig (careful extension of the elbow under ultrasound vision may lead to movement of small liquid volumes from the anterior synovial space to the olecranon recess). Evaluate the superficial olecranon bursa without pressure (small bursal effusions could be compressed and therefore not be detectable).