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Humeroradial epicondylitis

Patient Positioning

Patient seated, arm in internal rotation, elbow flexed (90°) and extended resting on the examination table (pillow)

Probe Positioning

Place the transducer with the cranial edge over the lateral epicondyle and move the distal edge over the radial head.

Intratendinous calcifications, preinsertional hypoechoic swelling of the tendon with diffuse areas of decreased reflectivity and positive doppler signal of the common extensor tendon in a patient with lateral epicondylitis

e: effusion

Note: Humeroradial epicondylitis with intramuscular calcifications, hypoechoic areas and small effusion closed to the radial head.

Note: Humeroradial epicondylitis with hypoechoic regions, calcifications and dopplersignal.