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Sulcus n. ulnaris – longitudinal

Patient Positioning

Patient seated, arm in internal rotation, elbow extended - facing the examiner - with resting palm on a table (extension of the wrist).

Probe Positioning

First place the transducer on a transverse plane medially from the olecranon over the epicondylar groove, detect the ulnar nerve and rotate the probe 90° to get its long axis.

Elbow posterior sulcus n ulnaris longitudinal
Elbow posterior sulcus n ulnaris longitudinal

Note: The cubital tunnel is a space at the dorsal medial elbow which surrounds the ulnar nerve during its passage around the elbow. It is bordered medially by the medial epicondyle and laterally by the olecranon process. The roof of the cubital tunnel is formed by a myofascial  retinaculum (the epicondyloolecranon ligament or Osborne ligament).