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Tarsal tunnel – transverse

Patient Positioning

Patient lies supine with a small pillow under the dorsal aspect of the ankle or legs in "frog-like" position. The ankle is lying on its lateral aspect.

Probe Positioning

Place the transducer on transverse planes over the flexor digitorum longus tendon and follow it to the sustentaculum tali.

Foot Ankle medial tarsaltunnel transverse
Foot Ankle medial tarsaltunnel transverse

note: The tarsal tunnel contains tendons, nerves and vessels to travel between the posterior leg and the foot. Its contains (anterior to posterior): Tibialis posterior tendon, flexor digitorum longus tendon, posterior tibial artery and vein, tibial nerve, flexor hallucis longus tendon. The mnemonic "Tom, Dick and a Very Nervous Harry" can be used

V: vein

A: artery