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Patient Positioning

Patient seated on a revolving stool, hanging arm or slight internal rotation.

Probe Positioning

Move the probe from a a transversal plane of the long head of biceps between the greater and lesser tuberosity a little cranially and medially, following the course of the long head of biceps to present the rotator cuff interval. Move the transducer cranially and caudally to show the hole area of the intervall dynamically in detail. The subscapularis tendon is located medial, the supraspinatus tendon lateral.

Shoulder anterior view
Shoulder antero-lateral interval

Note: The coracohumeral ligament and the superior glenohumeral ligament may be seen - to keep the long head of biceps tendon in place, tension in the superior glenohumeral ligament and the buttress support of the superior insertion point of the subscapularis are necessary.