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Humeroulnar joint / medial epicondyle – longitudinal

Patient Positioning

Patient seated, arm in external rotation while keeping the elbow slightly flexed or extended resting on the examination table (pillow). Better position to check the ligament: patient supine, arm externally rotated, shoulder abducted and elbow flexed 90° with possibility to use valgus stress, which may show joint space widening.

Probe Positioning

Place the transducer with the cranial edge over the medial epicondyle and move the distal edge over the ulna.

Elbow medial humero-ulnar medial epicondyle longitudinal
Elbow medial humero-ulnar medial epicondyle longitudinal

Note: Below the common flexor tendon in its long axis the anterior bundle of the medial collateral ligament can be seen. Check the medial joint recessus for effusion,  synovial proliferation or changes of the bone.