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Ulnar nerve proximal to distal

Patient Positioning

Patient seated, arm in internal rotation, elbow extended - facing the examiner - with resting palm on a table (extension of the wrist).

Probe Positioning

Place the transducer on a transverse plane medially from the olecranon over the epicondylar groove, detect the ulnar nerve and follow its course distally trough the cubital tunnel to the Loge de Guyon.

The ulnar nerve is easily detected at the level of the medial epicondyle in the epicondylar groove. It enters the anterior flexor-compartment of the forearm between the humeral and ulnar heads of flexor carpi ulnaris (real cubital tunnel), lying under the aponeurosis of this muscle alongside the ulna. Then it courses with the ulnar artery, travelling inferiorly with it deep to the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle. After it travels down the ulna, the ulnar nerve enters the palm of the hand by the Guyon's canal.